Not many years ago that have come back into fashion films in 3D, but let´s face it, this is nothing new , these are trendy things that have reason to be to deal with other advances in the field of the audiovisual entertainment . One of the most bizarre inventions ever seen in this area was the “olorvisión “films which gave the peculiar characteristic of being smelled. It lasted little.

Nowadays there are also very popular films in 4D (noises, vibration and even splashing water on the viewer’s own seat). There are also movies 5D, which happens to be an extension of the above mentioned but in higher level.

All these developments are very interesting  as make it more attractive the cinematic experience  and help , a priori , to attract more audience to theaters at a time when piracy is raging (although the ticket prices do not help to  stop this tendency).

Beyond the purely playful concept (in this case very closely linked to what would be a theme park) films, in its most artistic sense, must also be accessible to all kinds of audiences.

Valencia has been one of the first Spanish cities to offer a cinematic experience for people with impaired vision and hearing. Lys cinemas will host every Monday the accessibility day.

What is this? The hearing impaired will have an additional screen, placed below the main screen, where they can read the color-coded captions, which means everything that needs to be heard will appear as text.

With audio description, visually impaired people have access through headphones, which come with the ticket, to the “speech balloon sound,” a synchronized speech giving information of all that happens on the screen that has relevance for the correct understanding of the film.

A great initiative that removes barriers and also helps to create more posts for all those who are enrolled into the field of voice over acting.

It must set an example.