Some curiosities and anecdotes of the most famous films of the cinema

Did you know…?

…the actor actor who wore the Alien costume was a Maasai warrior?

His name was Bolaji Badejo. He was a member of this African tribe who went to London to study graphic design. But his destiny was to end on the set of Alien by chance. It was while he was having a beer in a pub in London when Ridley Scott (the director of the film) went for a drink to drown his sorrows as he was unable to find the right man to perform the role of the Xenomorph. And there he was, a skinny young man, two meters and twenty centimeters tall, so when Mr. Scott watched him, he instantly knew that he got the monster that he was looking for his new film.

The unfortunate Bolaji didn´t have much fun on the set since the Alien costume he had to wear produced excessive heat and nuisance, but the worst thing he had to deal with was the fact to be surrounded by ribs of dead animals, as the ribs of the alien belonged in the past to authentic living animals. It is also very curious that the lips and retractable Alien´s jaw were made of pieces of condoms.

No wonder that the graphic designer-turned-actor didn´t want to go back to work in film ever.


…the model used to play the role of Hulk was the director of the film himself?

Ang Lee does not have evil face, but behind the green monster face we actually find this man. As they didn´t find a good actor to perform Hulk´s movements with motion capture, Lee had to do this work himself. Furthermore the actors had to shoot their scenes performing in front of an empty space, so the only help they had in order to imagine the incredible (and huge) Hulk was a wooden stick with a carton head on the tip. In this way they could know the actual height that Hulk had.


…the word shrek means << monster>> in Yiddish?

It is no surprising that it was chosen in this language because the DreamWorks´ fat cats (the film producer) are Jewish, including of course the great Steven Spielberg.

At this point I must write a little bit about the dubbing of this film.

The American audience was delighted with the voice of Mike Myers (Shrek) but what many did not know is that he had this role by chance because originally it was going to be dubbed by Chris Farley ( physically looked alike an ogre ) . However he died of overdose two weeks after he started the dubbing.

Note that in Spain were the comedy duo Cruz y Raya who gave voice to Shrek and Donkey. Another countries followed this same premise, famous people dubbed the film, but what we do not know is how was the outcome …

That´s all for now!

In the following entries I will write about more films stories!